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Le Gasp!

I live, I promise!

So– a quick review of things missed:

-Despite the efforts of the owner, Faire was survived.  Not the best season, but a few new friends were made through the crapiness, so that’s something.

-The shooting… that happened.   I thought about writing a blog immediately afterward.  I was a furious little bundle of rage.  Still am, but at the end of the day decided I didn’t want to give it more publicity at the time.  Long and short of it– we weren’t at the theater, we found out when we got home, went to the vigil later to protect the families from the Westboro Baptist Church, ended up on TV (did not want -.-), families were able to mourn in peace, douchebag rotting in prison, the end.

-Babies, babies, babies!  Everyone is having babies!

I do believe that’s about it up to this point.  

The political season is in full swing, and unlike most, I adore this.  I hate the mudslinging, but I do love politics.  Right now that means I get to hear Obama speak more, which I adore, and I can get involved at home.  I thrive in it!   More to come on that later though, I am sure!

Updates on this will likely be sparse again for a while.  Our finale for Avistrum is quickly approaching, Khatovar has a show, and I have undergone a new project with a coworker– which will be to sufficiently geekify another coworker.   You should follow her, she is updating on the shenanigans with us!  http://tiannahurtado.wordpress.com/

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