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So, because I don’t have enough going on, I decided I wanted to learn a new craft.  That sentence is misleading, because I always want to learn new crafts, so let’s instead say that I finally put forward the initiative to learn a new craft.

Please don’t ask me why I am mentally challenged and decided on the second busiest month of my year to pick up a new skill, I have no answer.

Lookit! I've learned new things!

Appropriate for an Herbology Professor, no?

With that being said, I love it!  Obviously, since I do chain maille, I have some unreasonable love for repetitious tasks, and knitting makes warm things!  I love warm things!

It also gives my wrists a break from making chain maille, which is good for them, and on top of that, is very calming.  When you rock a temper like mine, calming tasks are great things to have.

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