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“I only act like I know everything” – The Black Widow


Welcome back!  I missed you.

We left off talking about the relationships, how the story is not reliant on them, and how happy that makes my inner comic book fan girl.  Please see https://aurorinthebrowncoat.wordpress.com/2014/04/07/the-winter-soldier-pt-1-spoilers/ for past rambling.


I want to discuss a little bit more of the soul crushing sadness that was brought to us in this film.  I don’t go to movies to be sad, but when I go to see a story about Winter Soldier, I’m not only prepared for it, I expect it.  It is a requirement, and they delivered.

As I sit here chomping away on breakfast, I can definitely say I found the Peggy moment more devastating than anything with the Winter Soldier, but let’s avoid going back down that deep pit of despair and focus on Bucky for a moment.

One of the most heartwrenching, frustrating moments of the film was when he didn’t run.  Specifically, he is sitting in the chair talking to the Hydra slimebag that has been employing him, and he says ‘I knew him’. Ow, okay, good job… then after a few moments of Hydra slimebag talking ‘But… I knew him’.  Yeah, cool, twist the knife, you’re doing your job and I forgive you.  Then this:


‘Wipe him’.


At this point, I am sitting tensed up my chair frantically muttering ‘Run Bucky, run!  Run Bucky, run! You can take them damnit Bucky RUN!!!’

… And he didn’t.

Supersoldier, assassin badass leaned back in the chair and let it happen. He didn’t fight, he didn’t run, he just took it, and that broke my heart.  Like it was supposed to.


“Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough, but then, for the love of God, tell a joke.” – Joss Whedon

It’s not really necessary for me to explain how much I admire the man who spoke the words above.  Well, maybe necessary, but not in this post, maybe later.  To my point!

I’d like to focus back to Falcon for this one.  The balance they made with the character was fantastic.  In a film filled with crushing sadness, they managed to have a character that provided humor and wit, without making him the plucky sidekick who’s only purpose is to make stupid jokes and then ultimately die.

Falcon didn’t spend the whole film making jokes, but he sure as hell had some oneliners that brought a smile to my tearstreaked face.

Nat did a great job with this as well, but I find it slightly less noteworthy since we have already met and experienced her character, and Falcon was stuck with attempting to develop himself as useful and funny in just one film.


Now, since I am talking about how I felt about the film, I feel like I would be completely amiss if I didn’t rant about the one thing that irked me about the film, and please notice how  miniscule it is, because I usually find all sorts of things I dislike about something, I’m obnoxious like that.

Where. The. Hell. Is. Barton.

Let me explain.  I don’t need Clint in this film.  Don’t need to see his face, don’t need him to be a plot point or focus, but you know what I do need?  Natasha’s most trusted companion at least MENTIONED during the collapse of the institution that they have bled for.  ‘I have to contact Barton’, ‘What about Clint’, ‘We should notify Hawkeye’. SOMETHING!

Yes, Fury said not to trust anyone, I do not care. Not one bit.  Clint is the one that decided not to murder Nat when those were his orders.  Clint was the one who, when the entire world was at risk, Nat was trying to find.  There is no argument that can be provided that would convince me that it is not a gaping plot hole that his name was not uttered once this whole film.



Coming up in the next installation will be: The Winter Soldier VS Every other comic book film ever

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“Can anyone direct me to the Smithsonian? I’m looking for an old fossil…”

I have not been able to stop pinning, tweeting, or talking about The Winter Soldier since seeing it in theaters last week, so I think I really just need to rave about it here for a little while!

I love both DC and Marvel, I am not prejudiced on my love of comic book/cartoon/movie/geekery.  Now, with that being said, I have always been more of a DC girl, mostly because they have Bats.  Bats is my guy, and always will be my hero.  Keeping that in mind, Marvel is kicking DC’s ass all over the place, and Captain America not only kept to that trend, but it raised a whole new bar.

Let’s start with the meeting of Falcon.  You start off the film with Steve running laps around a lake, continually passing this man (who we start off not knowing, but since we live in the world of trailers, we are clearly aware that this is Falcon).  Finally, he gets sick of it, tries to keep up, of course fails, and then we see him later leaning against a tree trying to catch up.  He and Steve chat it up a bit, and that’s pretty much they end of his first scene in the film.  Guess what?  We already love him.  In those short moments, they endeared Falcon in our hearts, and they did it well.

At the end of their meeting, Natasha (Black Widow) drives up, starting off the interaction with a pithy comment, banter banter banter, MISSION!

I’m gonna circle back to Nat, but seriously, holy balls, Mission!  Admittedly, I didn’t watch last week’s S.H.I.E.L.D until after I saw Cap, so I didn’t really know or care about the hostage situation that was going down at the time, but mother of god, Cap’s ass kickery! Screw you pirates, eat shield!  Fist!  Bang, boom, pop, BOOT!  Fantastic.  Utterly fantastic.

They didn’t at all disappoint with the showing of Cap’s strength of body, and of course, in good old Cap fashion, they didn’t disappoint with his strength of heart or conscience, either.  Steve stomping in to Fury’s office and trying to figure out what the what is going on? Great!

I swear to God I am coming back to Nat, and the rest of the gang, but I really need to talk about the scene with Peggy.  Talk isn’t the right word.  I really need therapy after the scene with Peggy.

You go in to Winter Soldier knowing that you are going to cry.  You’re supposed to cry.  It’s a soul wrenching story of sad, but I was expecting Bucky to be the hardest part of that film.  WRONG, LADY!  You WRONG!

Seeing Steve in the room talking to this woman who is clearly at the end of her life, who we find out is Agent Carter already had me in tears.  Not cute tears either, like Toby McGuire tears.  At the same time though, I was kinda happy!  They get to see each other, this is great, they get to talk, this is sad, but this is okay!  This could be great!  They get closure!  WRONG LADY!  YOU WRONG!!!

Peg’s eyes go blank for a moment, and then she looks at Steve, shocked.  At this point, I am having a heart attack.  I am frantically muttering ‘no, no, no, no, no,  NO. NO. NO. NO’… but yes. Yes they did.  I am no longer ugly crying, ladies and gents, I am full on sobbing, and I continued to sob for about three minutes after that scene ended.  Thanks, writer people, I expect a check for the therapy.

There was a tidbit that helped a little, and that’s watching Nick Fury get his ass whooped.  Let me explain a little bit – I hate Nick Fury.  I will continue to hate Nick Fury until Coulson, and then every member of the Avengers punch him in the throat, in succession.  I know I am supposed to hate him, I know that’s part of his job, that isn’t a solace, I hate him. Throat punching.  Now.

After we watch Nick get beat around for a little while, we get to go in to the adventure portion of the plot, where we see the team up between Black Widow and Cap, then eventually adding Falcon, once things really hit the fan.

I fell in love with Natasha in this film. I ended Iron Man 2 with a very ‘meh’ feeling about her.  Ass kicking red head, yay, always fun, but I didn’t care for her style.  I didn’t like, well, pretty much everything but the ass kickery.  I cared for her a bit more in The Avengers, because we get to see her more as a person and not just an agent, which is exactly why, after Winter Soldier, I love her.

We see the Black Widow feel in this film.  Not just ‘where is my partner, get him back NOW’ feel, but ‘someone who I genuinely love just died’ feel. We saw the person under the assassin.  She now has some sort of character dimension instead of just non feeling ass-kicker.  The ‘feels’ addition aside, we also see her genuinely care about Steve.

Not only do we see it in the snarky quips she keeps throwing at him, but we see it in the constant attempts of trying to hook him up.

I loved the relationship that they created between the two of them.  I loved that it was a quippy friendship, and that they didn’t try to make it something more, and that isn’t just because I want her and Clint to have adorable little Merida babies (Nat’s arrow necklace, anyone?).

The remix of the relationships in all of these films has made me exceptionally happy.  Making me even happier still is that they are not a focus.  They are there, you care about them, but the story can exist on it’s own without it (except maybe Iron Man 3, but I still enjoyed the film).

After realizing how long this has gotten, I have decided that I am going to split this in to two parts.  SO!  We will end it at that, for Pt. I!

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