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A New Adventure

“Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.” -Irving Wallace


I have worked a myriad of jobs in my short life.  I’ve worked in sales, and food like all young people.  Had a receptionist position for a few years in there, t00.  I have also worked in the arts, making and selling chainmaille, and with an entertainment  company as their secretary and now vice president.  A lot has happened in my professional life thus far, despite my primary income coming from the aforementioned food or sales, but now a new adventure begins.

About a week ago I received a call from a staffing agency working directly with IBM, and was offered a position with the company.  Never before in my life have I had a steady, decently paying job.  The food positions I held payed the standard eight or so an hour, and the receptionist position paid well, but was only part time.

So now I move on.

Today was my last day at the airport.  I had worked there for a year and some change, and frankly, every day was awful.  Despite that, I made a lot of new friends being there.  They make those stupid ‘family’ statements when you first start in a restaurant, and everyone always rolls their eyes and tries to get on with their day, but with the cliche aside, it’s true.  We all had to deal with the jerks, the tantrums, and the drama, but for good or bad, each other was all we really had for those eight hours.

If you had told me even a month ago that I would feel even remotely sad about leaving that terrible place I would have laughed at you, but when walking in to the parking lot tonight, I found myself a little morose.

I can say with confidence that I will not miss that job or the guests, but to all the people at that restaurant:  Thank you for being there through the rants and the frustration, and sorry I wont be around anymore to bark at people when they do things they’re not supposed to.  I will miss all of you terribly.


Monday I move in to training at the new job.  Once that is complete (two weeks) I move in to my first cubicle, with my own desk, and my own computer, in a field I am actually interested in.  In that field, I will have to find new balance.  I am a believer, and a dreamer.   The best thing I have ever done with my life is bring magic to people, and that will never stop being true.  We’ll see how well I manage to make that flourish in a relatively mundane situation.

Despite how good this change is, I find myself intimidated.   I can’t help but wonder how I will mess up this huge opportunity, but with that fear is excitement.

It’s time for this sparkly little fae enthusiast to move on to her next big adventure.

Here I’ll post those exploits and others, whether it be ranting or overjoying over that new corporate world, a show we’re to put on, something new I’ve made, some political rant, or exploits with friends and loved ones.


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